ICA Wet Plate Collodion and Salt Print Workshop in Monte Castello di Vibio, Italy

 September 10th to 25th, 2016

Please join us for an intensive workshop hosted by the International Center for the Arts in Umbria, the green heart of Italy.


This workshop has taken on a life of its own and attracted some of the greatest luminaries in the photo history field. Participants and presenters include Russell Lord, Freeman Family Curator of Photographs at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Weston Naef, Curator Emeritus, J. Paul Getty Museum, Michael G. Wilson, historical image collector and film producer, and Alan Griffiths, creator of luminous-lint.com, the preeminent historical photographic website, Graham Howe, renowned curator and founder of Curatorial Assistance, and Doug Busch, large format photographer. Space is still available but filling quickly.

Russell Lord

Weston Naef

Michael G. Wilson

Alan Griffiths

Graham Howe

The Workshop

Luther Gerlach will be instructing workshops on wet plate collodion and salt printing, with a brief introduction to albumen printing. The first week, participants will work directly with Gerlach's collection of historical cameras and lenses as they create their own wet plate collodion positives and negatives. The second week will focus on printing the negatives. This workshop is intended for participants with a wide range of experience levels and interests. Beginning and experienced wet plate photographers, curators and photo historians will all find this workshop enlightening and beneficial. Participants will be immersed in a learning environment designed to give you the confidence to continue working and developing skills on your own.

Marmore Falls

Bomarzo Park of the Monsters

Image by Fratelli Alinari, Firenze

Day Trips

We also have several day trips planned. We will take a bus trip to take in the beautiful vistas around our town, visit the San Venzano ancient underground wine cellars for a tasting, and enjoy dinner at the charming historic town of Rotecastello. At the end of the first week, we will travel to Florence for a private guided tour of Fratelli Alinari, the National Museum of Photography, for an unparalleled interaction with historical photographic images. In the second week, we will visit the Bomarzo Garden of the Monsters, and the legendary Marmore Falls for an evening display. These trips are intended to refresh our participants in the midst of our intensive workshop, immersing them in the culture and the natural and manmade beauty of Italy. At the same they are designed to compliment our work, deepening our connection to the processes. 

See links below for more information about this opportunity to learn and explore in the beautiful hilltop town of Monte Castello di Vibio.

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