1. A Night on Mount Wilson

    2018-07-29 23:14:36 UTC
    On Friday, July 27th, the evening of our most recent blood moon lunar eclipse and Mars opposition, I had the tremendous good fortune to be invited to the Mount Wilson Observatory. Built in 1904 in the mountains to the east of Los Angeles, this is the home of the 100-inch…

  2. Namias Lens

    2018-03-30 00:53:00 UTC
    In 1999 I bought a very special lens: the Namias Anachromatic Double Lens F5 40 cm focal length Ortho Aesculin, circa 1910. At the time, all I knew about it was that it was Italian, a rarity for brass barrel lenses, and the price was right, about $50. After mounting…

  3. Italian Workshop

    2016-12-08 21:28:00 UTC
    One of our fondest memories from 2016 will surely be the Wet Plate and Salt Print Workshop that Luther taught this September in Italy. Our small group was hosted by the International Center for the Arts in Monte Castello di Vibio, an almost unbelievably quaint and charming hilltop-castle village in…

  4. Kelp Part 2: All Lit Up on the Insides

    2016-08-18 23:24:00 UTC
    Luther and I recently got acquainted with our GoPro. We’ve had it since 2013, but only in the past couple of weeks have we started playing around with it. Above is our first “masterpiece,” shot by Luther along the coastline north of Santa Barbara. Luther likes to dive whenever he…

  5. Centerpiece

    2016-08-11 18:39:00 UTC
    Photo courtesy of Digital Fusion Last week UCLA’s brand new Luskin Conference Center had a soft opening and a reception to thank all of the people who helped bring this new centerpiece of the campus into being. Luther’s image seen above has the enviable position of being the centerpiece of…

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