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  1. Kelp Part 2: All Lit Up on the Insides

    2016-08-18 23:24:00 UTC

    Luther and I recently got acquainted with our GoPro. We’ve had it since 2013, but only in the past couple of weeks have we started playing around with it. Above is our first “masterpiece,” shot by Luther along the coastline north of Santa Barbara. Luther likes to dive whenever he…

  2. Centerpiece

    2016-08-11 18:39:00 UTC

    Photo courtesy of Digital Fusion Last week UCLA’s brand new Luskin Conference Center had a soft opening and a reception to thank all of the people who helped bring this new centerpiece of the campus into being. Luther’s image seen above has the enviable position of being the centerpiece of…

  3. Digital Dalliance

    2016-07-29 23:17:00 UTC

    I imagine Luther sometimes comes off as being anti-digital. In reality, nearly every day he is taking iPhone shots. So far, none of these images have been presented as a finished Work of Art, but he’s definitely exercising his artistic muscle when he’s taking them. “Unlike shooting with film,” Luther…

  4. Santa Fe the Hard Way

    2016-07-16 21:22:00 UTC

    Luther and I just got back from Santa Fe, where Luther is part of a show called Past is Present at the David Richard Gallery. Below are some of his images hanging in the show, shot in Holland and Ojai, California “Instead of a Nude” 2015 “Crucifix” 2015 “With a…

  5. Kelp Part 1

    2016-06-30 21:14:00 UTC

    Luther has been working on a new project for an upcoming show. He’s a process man, obviously, as you can see by his unwavering dedication to wet plate collodion, but this project really takes it to a whole new level. Here’s our man collecting kelp along the coast in Ventura.…

  6. Inspiration

    2016-06-23 22:24:00 UTC

    Luther Gerlach, Homage to Rodin, 2013 Emil Schildt, 2016 Inspiration works in mysterious and synchronistic ways. It seems to have a mind of it’s own, and a will to spread. It struck me as a good subject to launch this blog, Transfixed. Basically when Luther’s work, or process, or…

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